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General Articles:
(all PDF files)

Historical Proofs of the New Testament, Suggest Peshitta Primacy- Pt.1 (PDF) This is the first part of a detailed examination of external evidences of
the primacy of the Peshitta, such as quotes from Church fathers and littleknown
facts about Jesus’ time and language.

Doctrine of The Apostles – Further Proofs of the Peshitta as a First Century
(PDF) This discusses further evidence of the Aramaic New Testament as beign a
first century AD production, from quotes in documents of the first century.

Didascalia – Friday Arubta crucifixion in Syriac (PDF) Article giving support for a Friday crucifixion.

Syriac Inscription 1st century by Paul Younan (PDF) Notes by Paul Younan concerning the accuracy of preservation of the
Aramaic language over five centuries

Aramaic Primacy in Acts and Epistles (PDF) Further evidence that the Aramaic New Testament was the original

Aramaic linguistics (PDF) A brief study of Aramaic linguistics as it applies to the Aramaic New
Testament, worth a read.

The Woman Taken In Adultery (PDF) This is an article sharing some very poignant thoughts on the passage in
John 7 about the woman taken in adultery.

Refuting a Greek Primacist – An Introduction  (PDF) This is an answer to a request to respond to an article called a ” A
Refutation of Glenn David Bauscher’s “Proofs of Peshitta Primacy””, by Mitch Powell on his web site:

Click to access refutation_of_peshitta_primacy.pdf

Does the Peshitta stem from the Old Syriac? (PDF) This article by translator and researcher Paul Younan reveals the
differences between the Original Peshitta NT and the misnamed Old Syriac
version which only contains the four gospels.

MarYah (Lord Jehovah) in the Peshitta (PDF) This is a list of all the Peshitta NT occurrences of MarYah, the word for
Lord Jehovah (the equivalent of YahWeh in the Peshitta).It is quite a revealing
list and well worth taking the time to read through.

The Beginning and the End (PDF) an article by Pastor David Bauscher on the end and the beginning in the
New Testament and their connection with God.

The Cross of Christ or the Stake (PDF). In this article, Pastor David Bauscher reveals what the Peshitta Aramaic NT says
concerning the Cross of Christ and whether it was a cross or a stake.

Name of God in the NT  (PDF). Pastor David Bauscher explains how the name of God is found in the
Peshitta Aramaic NT; and how he displays God’s name in his Interlinear and
Plain English Editions.

Philosophy of Translation  (PDF). Pastor David Bauscher explains his philosophy in doing the Interlinear
translation and Plain Text translation from the Peshitta Aramaic text into

Did the Jews of Israel 2000 Years Ago, Speak Greek or Aramaic?: 7 concrete examples from the New Testament which internally prove that 1st
century Jews in Israel spoke Aramaic. Investigates whether the Peshitta Aramaic
NT or Greek NT is the original, and whether few or many Jews spoke Greek.

Peshitta Aramaic NT Errata Sheet 12/14/2008  (PDF) or printable GIF. Pastor David Bauscher and others confirmed corrections
to 4 verses (addition of 1 word in each verse) in the Peshitta Aramaic NT text.
This document shows the changes needed. These four corrections are already in
the current versions of the Interlinear and Plain English Bibles now for sale
here. Owners of earlier versions of the Interlinear and Plain English Bibles
may want to hand correct their printed text with the errata.

Pericope Adultera demonstration article (PDF) Pastor Dave Bauscher examines the story in John 7:53 to 8:11 that is missing in
some Greek NT manuscripts and some Peshitta Aramaic NT manuscripts. The article
examines how an early scribe/translator may have inadvertently skipped ahead
and caused the loss of this story.

Reasons for this Translation (PDF) Pastor Dave Bauscher explains the reasons why he embarked on this
translation and gives a summary of the other existing translations of the
Peshitta NT.

Abraham worships the Trinity  Thought provoking article by Pastor David Bauscher concerning the Trinity in
Genesis 18.

Is Alap-Tau the Same as Alpha-Omega? …and NT Translations Using It: A study on the use of “Alap-Tau” as a special code for deity in the Peshitta
Aramaic NT. Findings shed great light on the Peshitta Aramaic NT versus Greek
NT primacy question.

Trinity in the Tanach (Old Testament) (PDF) November 2009. Article with scriptural evidence for the Trinity from the
Old Testament (Tanach) by Pastor David Bauscher. Refutes the theory held by
some people that the OT didn’t show that God is One, but revealed as the
Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Use and Misuse of words “corpse” and “body” in the New Testament: A very interesting look at the usage of the words corpse and body in the
Peshitta Aramaic NT and Greek NT manuscripts. The results of the study are

Selected teachings by Pastor Glenn David Bauscher.
(all PDF files)

The Lord’s Prayer–An Interpretation:  An expanded meaning of the Lord’s prayer, to show more fully who our heavenly
Father is and what He’s like.

aboon dbashmayo–The Lord’s Prayer in Syriac:  An article showing the Lord’s prayer in the original Aramaic (Syriac). It
includes an explanation of the Syriac letters via the English letter
counterparts, pronunciation, and a short Aramaic-English dictionary of words in
the Lord’s prayer.

The Love Letter:  Selected Peshitta Aramaic New Testament verses with direct to English
translations, which show the love of God our heavenly Father towards mankind.

Who Do You Say That I Am?: Selected Peshitta Aramaic NT–English verses showing who Yeshua (Jesus) is, in a
clear and concise way. He is MarYah (Lord Yah = YHWH).

The Unknown God (PDF) November 29, 2009 Pastoral article on what the Bible shows about the true
heart and nature of God. The reality may be different than what you’ve assumed
about God.

The Gospel Message:
(all PDF files)

God Tasted Death for Every Person: (PDF)  An article by Dave Bauscher concerning whether Yahweh died on the cross for our

Come Unto Me: (PDF)  An article by Dave Bauscher concerning Matthew 11:30 and what it reveals about
Yeshua and our Heavenly Father.