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Sea of Galilee: origins of the Aramaic New TestamentBe one of the few who has a copy of
the Original New Testament!

Join those on the cutting edge of a great Bible Awakening . . .

The original Aramaic New Testament (the Peshitta), so long asleep in the hands of a small middle-eastern church, is now causing a movement of thousands worldwide who are turning to the origins of the New Testamtent.

It’s not just about returning to the spiritual beginnings of Christianity . . . to the land and language of Jesus and the disciples who were eye-witnesses of His ministry . . . but it’s a revival and discovery of many passages of the New Testament which have hitherto been unintelligible or uncertain in meaning. It’s the discovery of what was really said.

. . . Perhaps the greatest discovery being that which Jesus declared of Himself!

Only the Original Aramaic New Testament reveals that.

And only one Aramaic scholar can do that. His name is David Bauscher.

Since 1974, as a Greek scholar and researcher, David has delved into New Testament textual criticism. It was his desire to find the purest transmission of the original New Testament. Here’s what he found.

Aramaic New Testament -- the original New Testament I’ll never forget the day I came across the Aramaic Peshitta Bible. With a collection of manuscripts dating from the 1st century, it was something I couldn’t ignore.

I was convinced, after two years of intensive research, that the complete Peshitta New Testament was the original inspired text delivered to the apostles and evangelists. Aramaic New Testament -- the original New Testament

While the apostle Paul was carrying the gospel message to the West — "first to the Jew, then to the Gentile" — Thomas was doing the same, except going in the opposite direction . . . to the East. The Church of the East became the largest Christian church of the middle ages, spreading the gospel message and building churches as far away as India and China, with 100 million members. The Muslim conquests and massacres of the 7th – 11th centuries, as well as the Mongol’s destruction of Christians and churches, left very few members of that great church remaining. This is history unknown to most in the West, but eastern Christians have not forgotten.

So where does one find a word-for-word English Translation
of the Original Aramaic New Testament?

Today . . . only two Aramaic scholars have presented a modern word-for-word English translation of the Aramaic New Testament. Only one is pursuing a complete Old Testament word-for-word translation as well . . . and that is David Bauscher.

And it’s not just an English translation. For those who want to see and compare the English to the Aramaic for truth and accuracy, David has prepared an Interlinear edition as well.

The Original Aramaic New Testament (OANT) has:

  • Word-for-word verifiable accuracy in translationwhich means you get the vocabulary, intent and meaning of the original New Testament author (and none of the translator’s biases or interpolations).
  • A collection of notes — that emphatically demonstrates that the Greek New Testament was a translation from the original Aramaic New Testament. The complete set of notes comprises 200 pages . . . an entire book in and of itself!
  • A variety of formats to choose from — (soft and hardcover books, as well as electronic downloads) — which means you can select the medium, and the size, that suits you best.

"The world has long needed a complete Interlinear of the Peshitta Aramaic NT, and this fresh new translation proves to be an invaluable study tool for all Christians. After using this Interlinear for over 6 months, I can truthfully say that is has added more to my understanding of the NT than any other Bible version or tool. Take a look at the book review, and then get it!"   – Roy Reinhold, Bible & Hebrew scholar/author

"Thank you so much for the book, The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English. I am becoming more convinced through your work and efforts that the Original New Testament was in Aramaic and not in the Greek as many believe."   – Randy, USA

"I will promote the peshitta in every talk or lecture I give and book I write from now on. . . . Timing is interesting given how close we are to the end times. . . . If I had the money I would buy a dozen and pass them on to friends of mine."   – Neville, Spain

"When I purchased your The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English, I started telling others about its incredible help and value to us who love the Word. . . . Here in the Philippines, we have a very large denomination, whose leaders strongly claim that Jesus is just a man, and not the Living God. I don’t blame them now, because their source of original writing is Greek. Had it been Aramaic, they would know beyond any reasonable doubt that our Lord claimed DEITY indeed, and that He is indeed God the Son!   – Kim, Philippines

"We all love your interlinear and most of us use it for our NT text. . . . We have told so many people about it and are constantly showing it to others and telling them how they need to get a copy! I found it amazing how much the harder passages to understand became so easy to understand!"   – Samantha

"I have never been so excited over one single work till I found your publication!"   – Danny

We want to give you as much history, facts, and resources as possible so that you can be informed and knowledgeable about the truth and origins of the Aramiac/Hebrew scriptures that we have inherited.

That’s why we’ve created this website and present you with affordable (??? – we need to make them affordable) options to acquire your own copy of the Original Aramaic New Testament. Get Yours Now!

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