Electronic Modules

ONLY $20.00 for the whole set!  (Pay with Paypal)
E-Sword, MySword and The Word Bible search program Aramaic Bible Modules are now available! 
After many years of work we are proud to be able to offer a complete set of modules of David Bauscher’s New Testament editions for e-Sword (iPad – iPhone – Mac – PC), MySword (Android) and The Word (PC – Mac). Please see below for download information on e-Sword, The Word and MySword programs.


A Numbered Aramaic Dictionary:  
This dictionary has word numbers for each Aramaic word that occurrs in the New Testament, with word usage, pronunciation, root word, part of speech, equivalent Greek Strongs numbers, etc, and links to many web based Aramaic Lexicons.  This is a very powerful tool for word studies. 

Aramaic- English Interlinear New Testament:
(now with word numbers for each Aramaic word)
This is a literal word for word translation and this module comes with additional versions that give the vocalisation of each Aramaic word, and  it even has the Aramaic words in Estrangela font as an option (ipad and iphone version needs ios 9 and above for this font) 

Aramaic English Interlinear Bible: This module is the AEINT module (mentioned above) with the Old Testament Interlinear added.  The Old Testament Interlinear is not yet complete with 13 books yet to be translated, and this module only has word numbers for the New Testament section.  When complete, with word numbers added, we will be selling this as a separate module.  Until then, enjoy this beta release!

The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English: 
This is our clear and literal translation of the Aramaic Peshitta New Testament in everyday English which is based on our literal Interlinear translation. 

First Century Aramaic Bible:
This is the plain English OANT module with the Torah added.  This is a beta module and will be updated as the rest of the Old Testament is released in plain English. 

Our Peshitta Companion Notes Edition:This module has all the notes and commentary for both our plain English and Interlinear translations, showing the evidence which supports the premise that the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic.  

The Complete Vocalized Peshitta New Testament:Which is the most phonetically accurate Eastern Aramaic pronunciation New Testament known to the translator, who personally tweaked and greatly improved a very rough version available on the internet. It is a variant of our interlinear translation. Our dictionary in part, makes use of the SEDRA 3 (syriac electronic data retreival archive) by George Kiraz. 


These modules require e-Sword, The Word, or MySword for Android, to be installed on your mobile device or computer to be able to work.  

The Word is free, e-Sword for PC is a free program as is MySword, the Apple product versions of e-Sword require a small purchase price.  eSword X for Mac requires OS 10.10 or above. Please visit their websites and support their good work. Click the logos above to visit the sites.

Known issues:
These are the current known issues with some of the modules, we are working to fix them as quickly as possible and will send out free updates as they become available. 
Only the basic unvocalised Interlinear module and the Plain English module have asterisk marks indicating the location of a comment or a note, these will be the modules that are most frequently used by most people.  We are working to add the asterisk marks to all the other Interlinear modules and will send out updated links to all customers when updates are available. 
The FCAB and AEIB modules which include asterisk marks in the Old Testament portions do not have corresponding notes in the commentary module.  This is because these modules are currently a beta release only. 
The eSword PC Estrangela font module requires adjusting to keep the estrangela Aramaic word on the same line as the meaning, this is problematic due to unicode and the way the module works as a result we have stopped supplying this module as part of the bundle and you will have to contact us to send you this module if you desire it.  The Estrangela font module for The Word, is a good substitute. 
The Estrangela modules on iPad and iPhone require iOS 9 or above to display properly, with lower iOS versions the font displays as boxes. This is because the display capability of the iOS to show unicode is limited in previous operating systems, unfortunately this is an Apple issue.  All the standard Interlinear modules work fine under all iOS versions however.